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How FaceDoctor Can Change the Life of Someone with Skin Rashes Forever

It used to be a bit embarrassing for me to walk into a pharmacy looking for diaper rash cream when I didn’t have a kid of my own. To be honest, no one there knew I didn’t have a kid but I always felt self-conscious and terrified of the moment they would ask something specific like “how old is your baby?”

Overthinking everything is part of the reason I get skin rashes all the time. It’s also because I have very sensitive skin. In reality, I don’t know which comes first but I know it’s a pain in the neck when my skin flares up. I have a hard time trying not to worry about it, but the more I worry that I can’t worry about it, the worse the skin rash gets. Isn’t this exhausting?

If this is you too, I have good news. You can breathe now. Sorry if I got you all worked up.

The first step to healing is that you have to learn to chill, obviously. I work out for one hour every day. Nothing fancy and expensive, just a brisk walk around the neighbourhood at the end of the day. I feel good so I sleep better. If I sleep better, I’m much better rested in the morning. If I’m better rested, I don’t freak out. It took me years to figure out a routine that worked! Work on yours, stick to it, and by the time one week as gone by, you can’t even remember how you were before.

Does this magically make your skin rashes disappear? I wish! No, for that I use my super awesome treatment for skin rashes. FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap is what you need in your life right now, seriously. This single bar of soap is the best skin treatment for rashes and it will change your life forever.

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