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Would you wash a silk shirt with tar?

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for almost ten years now and I’ve heard all sorts of excuses not to take better care of your skin. The most common is having no time, taking proper care of your skin being too complicated, and rather spending money on other stuff than expensive creams and lotions that only last a couple of months.

Fair enough. These are all perfectly good reasons to re-think your daily beauty routine but none of them should make you rush to the nearest supermarket to buy the first cheap product you can lay your hands on. When I’m doing skin care consultations I usually ask my clients if they would wash a silk shirt with tar. Their answer is always “obviously not.” So, if it sounds nonsense to wash silk with tar, why do they keep doing it to their skins? Most of the times it’s all due to misinformation and discredits on the so-called beauty experts they meet in stores.

Here’s the difference. I’m not a sales rep for any brand, I’m a skin care consultant. That means that my priority is my client, not the latest product available on the market. The minute I state this, my clients take a deep breath of relief. They all expected the sales pitch but there I am actually willing to help and wow them with my foolproof product.

In such a delicate matter as choosing the right product to cleanse your skin, I always recommend FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap. It was carefully researched, it has the optimal combination of oils (coconut oil and sea buckthorn oil), it’s all-natural and it really does make you look rejuvenated. And it doesn’t cost a fortune, nor it takes a complex ritual to use it every day.

I always tell my clients I’ll refund them if my advice doesn’t work. I haven’t issued a single one in my entire career.

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