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The Benefits of Water in Skin Care Products

Skincare product consumers expect to get a highly-concentrated product that delivers the best value possible. In many cases, skincare products contain water not as a filler but as a necessary component of the product.

Although the optimal amount of water varies depending on the type of product, it’s a necessary ingredient. Water helps provide a base for other ingredients and won’t clog your skin the way oils will.


Natural Moisture

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of water in skincare products is that it provides moisture directly. Your skin needs pure water to stay supple and resist wrinkling over time.

Drinking water helps your body immensely, but a little water in your skincare routine helps as well. When combined with other ingredients, the purified water present in most skincare products stays in place long enough to be naturally absorbed through the skin.


Supporting Other Ingredients

Water bonds with other ingredients in ways that may make them easier for your body to use. It can also emulsify oils, which makes them lighter and easier to apply—some ingredients used in skincare mix better with water than with oils like coconut oil or shea butter.

Checking the ingredients label is the fastest way to gauge the overall mix of ingredients in a product. Since ingredients are required to be listed from the largest percentage to the smallest percentage, it’s common for water known scientifically as “aqua” to be the first ingredient listed even in high-quality products.


Non-Clogging and Non-Irritating

Your skin is naturally sensitive to ingredients that can clog pores. If you are prone to acne or have underlying conditions like eczema or plaque psoriasis, your skin may be sensitive to many skincare solvents as well.

Although many ingredients are soothing and won’t clog your pores, in some cases, water will be the only one that is an appropriate solvent for the other ingredients. This makes it a common choice for skin care products designed for sensitive skin.

FaceDoctor specializes in products that help with your sensitive skin concerns. Many of our products contain water to help support the other powerful ingredients, like Sea Buckthorn Oil and silver citrate. Try our First Aid Gel or FaceDoctor Soap which uses a unique water-based formula to target the inflammatory cycle that causes many common skin conditions all over the body.






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