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How a change of conditioner changed my perception of all-natural hair care products

I hate trying new things, so when my dermatologist told me I had to change my hair conditioner I was very nervous. Well, it’s not like she demanded me to do so, but she told me if I wanted to completely erase chemical products from my routine I had to start somewhere. I had already done it with my diet, by switching to organic food, and I had managed to quit coffee. The next step was to change all my skin care products for all-natural and organic ones. But I was still skeptic about the benefits of natural products and I didn’t know how effective they really were.
I consulted a dermatologist because I wanted to know exactly what products would work for my complexion, what potential side effects would I have to worry about, and, especially, what kinds of active ingredients should I look for. Changing my lifestyle completely was challenging, but I was going through with it.

I started with the hair conditioner as a compromise and a sort of a test to see if I could do it. I confess I didn’t start with a shampoo because I thought all-natural shampoos didn’t actually clean your hair and scalp properly. I thought hair conditioner wouldn’t be that hard. Worst case scenario I would have a couple of weeks of bad hair days.

But guess what? One week after using the Hair & Scalp Doctor Conditioner I completely forgot all my preconceptions about all-natural products. My hair looked healthier than ever and I loved how effective this conditioner really was. It didn’t take me long to decide it was time to switch shampoos too.
Completely changing my lifestyle has been the best decision I’ve made in my life.

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