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How My Mother’s Ceaseless Quest for the Perfect Psoriasis Treatment Led Us to FaceDoctor

For the first half of my life, I always felt like I was the doctor’s favorite guinea pig for new treatments for psoriasis. Of course, I was too young then to understand they do this for every patient and for one very simple reason. Even though the psoriasis symptoms are pretty much the same for everyone, not everyone reacts the same way to the same treatment. I was mind blown. Well, I know it’s kind of obvious now but I was around 11 when I made this remarkable discovery.

I must have gone through five or six different doctors. My mother hated when they were pig-headed and discussed with her the dangers of an all-natural treatment for psoriasis. How could an all-natural treatment be dangerous? Every time a doctor contradicted her without facts or scientific proof, she would storm out of their office to never return.

Most of them thought she was a hippie, but she was always trying to find what was best for me. She didn’t want me to go through life depending on cortisone creams and medicine. She had read about the effects of cortisone on growth and she was concerned, determined to fight back at all doctors who told her there were no alternative treatments.

And then came one doctor that told her about photo therapy and she was amazed! He basically agreed with her, hence the amazement. Then he told her about a new effective natural skin treatment with sea buck thorn oil as an active ingredient, and she began to treat him like a god. I’m exaggerating. What I mean is that she finally found someone who wanted me to be better as much as she did, and she trusted him completely.

So did I, and still do. He introduced us to FaceDoctor’s soap that could be used as a natural psoriasis treatment and I’ve never felt better.

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