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Why I don’t believe in ugly skin

I despise any commercial ads that promise their product will help you get rid of your ugly skin. There is no such thing as ugly skin, and I loathe the poor self-image these companies are trying to capitalize on. Do you know how long it took me to get my confidence back after I thought of myself as having ugly skin? Almost five years. But last year, I was finally able to treat my skin for what it was – an organ, not a fashion accessory.

I’ve been working in the tourism industry for five years and when you work in this business you have to look good and be good, and I don’t mean professionally (although some skills come more in handy than others). Despite the fact that I was very good at my job and colleagues often came to me to come up with creative solutions for managing customer complaints, I didn’t look good enough to be at the hotel’s front desk. It’s not that they didn’t consider me attractive but my skin condition could lead the customers to think the hotel lacked hygiene. Oh, how I wish I was kidding!

At the time, I had been struggling with rosacea, a skin condition that took me five years to fix. Sure, it wasn’t entirely disgusting to look at most of the days, but whenever I had a break out it was pretty obvious. Rosacea is caused by the Human Demodex Parasite, and no one would want to know that their front desk manager had a parasite-related skin condition. Yes, part of me knew how that sounded but part of me wanted to do the job I loved doing the most which were talking to customers face to face. In the back office, I still managed a lot of the issues, but they never knew who was behind it.

Last year, when I heard about the innovative skin care product called FaceDoctor Beauty Cream and how it tackled the origin of rosacea with the power of the sea buckthorn oil, I was hopeful. Could it be I had finally found a product that would help me get rid of this skin condition? And it did, flawlessly.

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