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What I use to treat my skin after sun exposure

As someone with sensitive skin, I was always more aware of using sunscreen than everyone else around me. Using sunscreen wasn’t something I couldn’t skip and it still isn’t. But I always felt like I hadn’t found the right product to use after sun exposure. All lotions and creams I had tried either felt too greasy or I didn’t feel any benefits. Until a friend of mine told me about using soap instead of lotions, I must have used a dozen different brands.

Now, I know what’s going through your mind, why would you use soap instead of lotion? Well, first of all, it’s not any soap. In this case, I’m talking about FaceDoctor’s rejuvenating soap with sea buckthorn oil. Lotions may make your skin feel softer and moisturized, but they’re actually only working on the surface. There is no way your skin can absorb all nutrients the lotions claim to have in such a short time. Using this soap in particular, helps cleanse your skin and remove all dead cells, while respecting your complexion and repairing any sun damage (yes, even if you use the best sunscreen and apply it every two hours, your skin still needs repairing afterward).

When it comes to sunscreens I never found an all-organic product that’s balanced and effective at the same time, so I stick to the dermatologist approved ones. But when it comes to after sun products, I know I have found my product of choice. For any occasion, really. My skin used to peel a lot after the sun exposure or it would feel extremely dry, and no matter what lotion I used, I saw no results. But with the FaceDoctor rejuvenating soap? I feel like I have baby skin again!

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