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January 2022

Antiaging Tips

Wrinkle Prevention Tips

It’s natural for your face to lose some of its volume as you age. Your genes largely control when intrinsic aging occurs. External aging, however, is influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors such as exposure to UV rays, smoking, and your diet. To reduce the likelihood of premature aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines try some of these simple tips: Wear Sunscreen Using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher water-resistant sunscreen every day can protect your skin from wrinkles,...

What Is Skin Purging?

What Is Skin Purging?

If you’re starting a new skincare product and experience a breakout, there’s no reason to panic. It’s likely not a breakout at all, but a common reaction to cell turnover called skin purging. This can happen when you’re using a new moisturizer or face wash designed to rejuvenate your skin cells using exfoliants and retinoids. Find out what skin purging is and why it occurs when you change your skincare routine.   What is Skin Purging, and What Does it Look Like? Skin...

3 Skincare Ingredients Being Touted by Skinfluencers

3 Skincare Ingredients Being Touted by Skinfluencers

Skinfluencers are social media influencers specializing in skincare and beauty products. They often post reviews, tutorials, and in-depth skincare routines to promote their favorite products. Discover the top three ingredients blowing up on skinfluencer social media accounts.   1. Gentle Cleansers The reigning queen of preventative skincare on Instagram is Melbourne, Australia-based skinfluencer Hannah English. Having suffered from rosacea for most of her life, she turned to gentle cleansers to help manage the condition and eliminate redness. She suggests using cleansers that don’t...

3 Common Teen Skin Conditions

3 Common Teen Skin Conditions

Teenage skin conditions can embarrass kids due to the social stigma around having perfect skin. But teen skin conditions are common and often easily treatable. Discover some of the most common teen skin conditions and how to care for your teen’s skin.   1. Acne Acne is the most common teen skin problem. It occurs when the skin’s pores become clogged with dirt, bacteria, and cellular debris that combine with sebum. Hormonal fluctuations that naturally occur around puberty can increase teens’ sebum...

December 2021

How to Combat Dry Winter Skin

How to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Low humidity, high winds, dry indoor air, and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. Without the proper care during the winter, your skin can become red, itchy, dry, and even crack and bleed. This severe skin reaction can lead to premature aging and conditions like eczema. Follow these simple tips to combat dry winter skin.   Switch Your Soap Soaps and body washes that contain detergents like sodium laureth sulphate strip your skin of its natural moisture. Switching your facial...

November 2021

Humans need at least ½ a gallon of water each day to survive. But carrying three days worth of water for every member of your family in your bug out bag is impractical. Keep a reusable aluminum bottle or water bladder in your bag, as well as a supply of water purification tablets, so you can fill your bottle from local water sources on-the-go without the risk of contracting a water-borne illness.

Top 5 Bug Out Bag Essentials

When disaster strikes, you need to be prepared to evacuate your home at a moment's notice. A bug out bag carries all the critical items you need to survive for up to 72 hours away from home, including food, water, shelter, warmth, and safety tools. Discover what essential items to pack in your bug out bag to keep you and your loved ones safe if you need to leave home quickly.   1. LifeStraw or Water Purification Tablets Humans need at least ½...

FaceDoctor Beauty Cream

Skincare for Stressed Out Skin

Stress affects every part of your body and is often most visibly displayed on your skin. Stress causes a spike in cortisol, a hormone that controls metabolism and immunity. It also plays a role in inflammation, cell renewal, and sebum production. Excess cortisol can contribute to breakouts, rashes, dryness, dullness, and itching. You can restore your skin’s healthy glow with a skincare routine designed for stressed out skin.   Target Acne Increased sebum production can result in stress-related breakouts. Rather than using moisture...

Skin Care Routine

All About Skin Undertones! How to Find Yours

Any makeup enthusiast knows the struggle of finding the right foundation for their skin color. With the wrong color, no matter how much you blend, your makeup will never look right. The main problem is that most people don’t understand their skin undertones.   What are Skin Undertones? Skin undertones are the natural colors under your skin’s surface. There are three main undertones: Cool, warm, and neutral. People with cool undertones typically have skin with pink and blue shades under their natural skin...