Rosacea Treatments, Sea Buckthorn Oil

When the treatment is worse than the disease

For a long time, people suffering from rosacea didn’t have many options to handle this skin condition. Most of the treatments were based on fighting inflammation instead of fixing the cause. The cortisone-based skin care products definitely put a break on the inflammation, but the list of potential side effects was too long to ignore.

It took me half my life to find a skin care product that was cortisone-free, that respected my complexion’s balance, and that treated the root cause of rosacea. And I can assure you all this is possible with just one bar of soap.

FaceDoctor’s medicated soap, with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient, completely changed my life. Behind the success of this revolutionary skin care product are 30 years of research and the understanding of what causes rosacea, the Human Demodex Parasite.

For me, realizing what is the root cause of this skin condition and working to stop it from spreading is the key to a high-quality product such as the FaceDoctor Medicated Soap. Other advantages include being easy to use. No one with a skin condition like mine wants to spend hours in the morning using all these different products, not to mention the trouble it is to have to travel with a handful of bottles.

My life is significantly easier. By looking at me you can hardly tell that I have rosacea since the soap helps me control the inflammation and I no longer have those red spots on my face. I am also pleased I no longer depend on cortisone-based medicines and creams and I’m glad I was able to get rid of the long list of potential side effects.
But I must say that my favorite part is looking in the mirror every day and seeing my glowing skin. Now it really looks (and feels) healthy.

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