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Skincare Tips for Men

A proper skincare routine isn’t just for women. Men can follow this simple routine to maintain a healthy complexion.



It’s time to trade in your all-in-one soap for a dedicated facial cleanser. Your face has a delicate balance of oils that provide much-needed moisture for your skin. Body soap strips away too much oil, leaving your face dry and unprotected.

A gentle cleanser for your face removes dirt and grime while leaving essential oils on your face. It can help maintain the pH balance of your skin to avoid inflammation and breakouts.

You should wash your face at least once a day, ideally in the evening. This gets rid of any dirt that collected during the day and keeps your pores clear while you sleep. If you wake up with very oily skin, you can cleanse your face in the morning as well.



While facial cleansers are better for your skin than body soap, they can still leave your skin drier than it should be. After washing your face, apply moisturizer to prevent dryness and increase softness.

Moisturizer does more than moisturize your skin. A good moisturizer, like FaceDoctor’s Beauty Cream, improves the tone, firmness, and elasticity of your skin. This can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

You should apply moisturizer after you clean your face. If you are washing your face in the evening, look for a moisturizer without sunscreen to prevent unnecessary irritation.



Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to skincare. Protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun by applying sunscreen every day. No matter the season and no matter the weather, your face will benefit from a protective layer of sunscreen.

A good facial sunscreen has an SPF of 15, but you should aim for an SPF of 30. Apply the sunscreen evenly to your face, neck, and ears every morning. You should keep a supply of sunscreen around to reapply throughout the day.




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