Eczema Care

The best way to handle eczema is not with more creams

I grew up with eczema so it’s hard to list all the different creams and lotions I used over the years. Some worked but were too expensive to maintain. Others were cheap but had low effectiveness. During all these trial and errors, my skin hardly had enough time to recover from lesions. I was constantly fighting eczema, completely oblivious that I could be seriously damaging the parts of my skin that were healthy.

When I found FaceDoctor’s line of products I was suspicious. Had they the same soap and the same cream for any skin condition? How could someone with psoriasis, eczema and adult acne rely on the same product to handle their condition? And, yet, driven by curiosity, I bought a bar of FaceDoctor medicated soap to test. I had to see what the fuss was about and if this sea buckthorn oil soap was as effective as they said, I had just found the most affordable skin care product for eczema in my life.
I remember I felt instant relief on the first day I used it but thought it might be my skin adjusting to a new product. However, somehow, I felt that the benefits were quicker and deeper, but couldn’t know for sure without trying it for a few more weeks. By the second week, I knew I was ditching all my old skin care products for this one. I couldn’t believe all I had ever needed was a bar of an organic soap! It sounded ridiculous saying it out loud but I had the proof right in front of my eyes. Just looking at my skin, I and everyone around me could notice the improvement. And, most importantly, the healthy parts of my skin weren’t affected at all.

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