Eczema Treatment

How I Mastered the Art of Living with Eczema with FaceDoctor

I won’t say I was able to cure myself of eczema but I think what is happening right now with my skin is pretty close.

It took me a while to figure out what triggered my eczema and I did it with the help of a very thorough log. I didn’t know it then, but that was the mind of a future scientist at work. Observing, taking notes, experimenting, observing again. The worst trigger was stress, so I decided to take a hold of what I could control, like being nervous before a test, an exam or a first date. That’s how I introduced meditation into my life at a young age.

The easiest trigger to control was food-related. I learned to read the labels and stay away from spicy and salty foods. When I’m craving any of these, I take a bite with the responsibility of knowing I have to deal with my eczema later.

Learning how to live with a skin disorder is a combination of setting up a process and finding the right treatment. For me, the best eczema treatment products have always been based on natural active ingredients. I learned about the sea buckthorn oil a long time ago but hadn’t found a product that delivered what it promised. But I kept searching, following my scientific method.

When I started, I didn’t know how long my search for a treatment for skin disorders would take but I was ready for the possibility of never finding something that worked. FaceDoctor was a very pleasant surprise. My first entry in my log about it talks about how it appears to collaborate with my complexion instead of simply attacking the eczema patches. And that has been true ever since.

I know I’m not cured of eczema and it will probably work differently for you, but it will work.

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