In my 20s everyone complimented me on my looks. In my 30s they started focusing on my career achievements over my looks (although I think I still looked fresh). In my 40s it’s been more about how polite and sweet my kids are. Suddenly, I don’t exist as a person and for someone who loved to get compliments on her looks that hurts a little. Maybe you’ll call me shallow but I was done not being the center of attention every now and then.

Now, I wanted to get the old 20-year-old me back. For her flawless skin, not her dubious sense of style. What was I doing back then that I wasn’t doing now? For starters, I was stressing less and exercising more. I was also having more careless fun, but that was out of the question now. I went back to exercising more (because stressing less is really not an option when you have kids).

Sure, I felt a lot better as I increased the frequency of my workouts. I hadn’t felt this energetic in years! But was my skin tight and glowing? Not by a long shot. I was drinking more water now because I exercised more, and I had noticed some improving in my body functions and clarity of mind. It just looked like my skin hadn’t gotten the memo yet.

When I shared my thoughts with my running partner, she told me I had to try the new soap she was using – FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap. Well, she looked like she was glowing alright (I had noticed it a couple of weeks before, actually), but a soap? Aren’t soaps that product all dermatologists tell us to avoid because they dry our skin? Yes, even the ones that claim to have ¼ moisturizing cream that you buy at the supermarket.

I took another look at her skin and decided to test this sea buckthorn oil soap to see if it was really the only thing I needed. Well, let’s just say that at the ripe age of 40 hearing that I’m glowing is pretty sweet! All this because of a soap.