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Acne is a common skin disease. It occures when the pores of the skin becomes blocked with excess skin oil. It promotes the piling up of dirt and bacteria in the pores. This blockage is called a plug or comedone. The comedone can be a white head or black head. Its symptoms are scaly red skin, pimples, small red bumps,white heads and black heads. Sometimes it may lead to scars in severe conditions. It is commonly seen on face and shoulders. It is often seen in adults and diminishes with the age. It can be caused by

  1. Hormonal changes: Changes in hormonal level may lead to acne. This may be due to menstruation, puberty, pregnancy etc.
  2. Hereditary factors: It is seen that acne may be caused by hereditary factors. Acne can spread genetically through generations.
  3. Excess use of cosmetics: Usage of cosmetics may block the pores of the skin which may lead to the formation of pimples.
  4. Diet: Acne can also be caused by some factors in diet. It is proven that people using milk, chocolate etc has higher chance to get acne.
  5. Psychological problems: Certain psychological problems such  as stress, depression etc may also lead to acne.
  6. Usage of certain drugs: Certain drugs such as testosterone, steroids etc may cause changes in hormonal level which may lead to pimples

    However we can reduce pimples by using some safety measures. Wash your face  twice with a good acne soap. This will help in removing excess oil and dirt from the skin. Ensure to remove your make up using a good cleanser before going to bed. This will make the pores wide open for circulation. Also avoid touching your face with hands and fingers. The unseen impurities in the hands and fingers may spread on your face and may make your face a breeding centre for bacteria and viruses. Also dont try to prick or squeeze your pimples with your hands. This may lead to infection and swelling on your face. In severe cases it may lead to scars.

    There are several treatment available to tackle acne. But its better to opt natural methods which will be less harmful and long lasting. Try some of the following natural remedies to eliminate pimples. Apply a honey mask daily on your face. This helps in healing the reddness of the skin caused by acne. Mint juice is also a good remedy for acne. You can also apply a paste of neem leaves and turmeric on your acne. This will reduce the pimples and also helps in reducing the scars eventually. Also tea tree oil and lavender oil are found effective in treating acne. Their anti-inflammatory properties helps in reducing the reddness and provides a smooth skin.

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