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My one simple rule to handle adult acne

Ever since accepting that I have adult acne and that some pimples are here to stay, apparently, I’ve decided to let it go. There is no point in stressing out about a skin condition, especially because stressing out only makes it worse.

I was only properly diagnosed with adult acne about five months ago. Up until then, I was given dozens of lotions and creams to treat something they didn’t quite know what it was. All the doctors I visited specifically told me that adult acne was virtually impossible to happen to someone like me who ate healthy all the time. And, yet, there I was, half-naked, with pimples the size of peanut M&M’s all over my back. The doctors ruled them as an allergy and medicated me accordingly.

When you’re being treated for the wrong thing, you can’t expect the best results. Sure, my skin improved for a bit in the week or so I started using the new skin care products. But once it got used to the active ingredients, the problems came back, and I swear the pimples felt twice as large. It wasn’t what I ate, it wasn’t what I wore, it had to be a matter of fixing the imbalance. I live in a highly-polluted city, I’m not surprised that had something to do with this.

My search for an all-natural medicated soap began the day I decided to let go and embrace my new skin condition. This search was short and led me to the best product I have ever used, FaceDoctor Medicated Soap with sea buckthorn oil. Forget everything you’ve used so far, this is the only thing you need. It’s also effective, affordable, and long-lasting. A bar soap can last up to four months. How is this for a budget-friendly solution for your skin?

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