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Reducing stress wasn’t enough to get rid of adult acne

I think part of my problem with stress comes from being an incurable perfectionist. I do that at work, at the gym and even in my personal life. I simply couldn’t help it and it was making me ill. It started with a constant stomach pain, then it turned into trouble sleeping and, finally, my skin broke out with acne. The truth was out there, I was going through the worst time of my life and it was all on me.

After countless attempts to force myself to change my habits as my health deteriorated, I realized working against my strong will wouldn’t cut it. I decided to start intensive therapy sessions with licensed hypnotherapists which completed reprogrammed my brain. The stomach pain was gone, I was able to sleep better and rest well, I felt lighter, more aware, and able to control my urges to go back to being a perfectionist. Except for my acne problem.
My acne problem took me longer to fix. My skin hadn’t yet recovered from the stress-induced hormonal imbalance I had gone through. To make matters worse, none of the supposedly effective skin care products for acne that I was using were actually working. And I could feel my anxiety begin to build up again.

One day while I was waiting for my appointment, I overheard the receptionists talking about the FaceDoctor medicated soap and how one of them had gotten rid of her acne in less than one month. Had I heard it right? Could that be real? It was an all-natural product after all and I had never heard about an all-natural product that was that effective. Before going in I asked her if the soap was all she had used and was still skeptical when she said yes. But I was curious enough to try it.

This was five months ago. My acne? Completely gone and, so far, not one pimple came back to bug me. I still use the soap, though, because it does wonders for my complexion and my skin’s health.

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