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Only the Best for Your Skin

Allure Imports, Inc. is a leader in dermatologist-tested products; particularly its Derma Pro Skin Treatment Kit PLUS which is a comprehensive package of skin care products. All Derma Pro products aim to be the...

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Natural Skin Care Treatments

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Looking for a natural acne soap that will leave your complexion looking dazzling? Well, look no more! Face Doctor RX offers a line of products that target problem skin and regular use will leave...

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DermaPro – Simply Exceptional

Derma Pro offers a line of naturally medicated treatments for rosacea, acne and related skin problems for people of all ages.DermaPro Total Body Skincare products also use sea buckthorn oil and other natural ingredients...

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The sea-buckthorns are deciduous shrubs. It belongs to the genus Hippophae and family Elaeagnaceae. It’s mainly seen in china and other mainland regions of Asia. They mainly grow in dry, sandy areas. So they...

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Wrinkles are signs of ageing. They are creases and lines of the skin that appear as we get older. They are mainly visible on face, neck and hands. It is seen that genetic factors...

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