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Why skin care is not a trend, it’s a necessity

It drives me mad when people think taking care of your skin is all about beauty and looking good, and that times will change and the fad will be about something else. Caring for your skin is not a trend, it’s a necessity! Skin is an organ, not a fancy wrapper for your bones and muscles and other organs.

I am really picky about the kind of products I use on my skin and I always go for the ones with natural ingredients. I believe you have to know your skin well, understand the “moods”, what triggers make you break out in hives and pimples, and what things make you feel like you’re glowing. All of this is important for your care. And, no, you don’t have to be an expert in the area. You just have to know yourself.

For example, for me, it’s about using the proper soap to clean my skin every day (once in the morning and once in the evening before bed). You know how you have to rub some special oils on leather couches to prevent them from cracking? Same thing here. Oh, and I used to think whatever they tell you is right for you at a perfume store was like the golden rule of skin care! No, honey, it isn’t. they’re just trying to sell something to you until next season’s must-have product hits the shelves.

You don’t need perfume to know a skin care product cleans! You need to feel your skin is clean and fresh. That’s what makes a great skin care product! I cannot stress this enough! FaceDoctor rejuvenating soap does exactly that for you, thanks to the powerful natural ingredient sea buckthorn oil.

One FaceDoctor bar of soap is all you need for flawless, healthy, really clean skin for months. And what happens when the bar is over? Well, you buy another! This product is not a one-hit-wonder, believe me.

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