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How my severe case of adult acne vanished almost overnight

I don’t even know how my case of adult acne began but I know it was annoying as hell. It kind of started like a poison ivy rash that went from a handful of pimples on my shoulders to hundreds of tiny ones all over my back. The more I got stressed about it, the worse they got. It got so bad to the point that I was asked to not use the health club’s swimming pool. People didn’t buy my adult acne story and actually thought I had some sort of rash that might be contagious.

After ruling out possible causes related to food or even the chlorine in the swimming pool, my doctor told me to look for a natural medicated soap called Facedoctor. He said it was gentle on the skin but effective enough to get rid of the acne for good.

Well, I had never heard of an all-natural product being effective on skin damage but, fine, what other options did I have? He vouched for the benefits of the sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient and I had no other ideas.
I confess that the first time I used the soap, I was terrified it was going to sting or maybe make me have a severe case of itching. I read the label over and over and it guaranteed no side effects.

The first thing I noticed after using it was that it didn’t dry up my skin. That was one of the effects of any soap I had used before. I also noticed how it felt really fresh and soothing. Which is amazing when you have the urge to scratch all those inflamed little pimples.

I think it took me less than a week to get rid of all of the acne on my back. To me, it felt like it was overnight. Technically, I felt relief and improvement in the first 24 hours, so it kind of felt like an overnight success.

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