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How to Combat Teenage Acne

Frequent growth spurts and changing hormones are only a couple of the challenges teenagers face. The development of acne commonly marks this period of life. This skin condition causes visible blemishes on the skin that can be painful when severe.

For many teenagers, having acne affects their self-esteem. Breakouts are made worse by stress, making the condition difficult to treat. If you have a teenager suffering from acne, here are some tips to help them deal with those frustrating breakouts.


Use Topical Treatments

Acne is a skin condition. You should first try to heal the pimples and blemishes from the outside. A gentle medicated soap can cleanse the skin of the bacteria that cause blemishes without over-drying. Simple to use and soothing to the skin, it can be used twice a day for quick results. Teenagers should always use a fresh towel when drying their face to prevent recontamination.


Change Pillowcases Daily

Your teenager spends a significant portion of their day sleeping. This rest is critical to help their bodies grow into healthy adults. However, the time they spend in bed may be making their acne worse. As they rest their head, the oils, bacteria, and skin cells from their face are transferred to the pillowcase. Without daily changes, the pillowcase material accumulates a layer of grime that can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Opt for a breathable pillowcase material like cotton to reduce oil transfer.


Practice Stress Reduction

Everyone can benefit from stress reduction practices. Work with your teen to create healthy habits that reduce stress and can prevent a future breakout. Guided meditation is an activity you can do together to reduce stress and bond at the same time. Other helpful tactics include deep breathing and yoga Nidra practice before bed.

With a little time and attention, your teenager can heal their acne. For severe cases of acne, you may need to see a dermatologist for more advanced treatment options.




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