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You’re trying to get rid of acne the wrong way

I can always see it from the corner of my eye. The minute I walk into any room full of women, they look jealously at my flawless skin. It doesn’t take too long before one will approach me and ask what is my secret for beautiful skin. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with a perfect set of genes. In fact, every woman in my family has been struggling with acne and we’ve collected quite a few experiences of trial and error. A couple of months ago, we were able to master it thanks to FaceDoctor Medicated Soap.

You see, most people have the wrong approach to treating acne, especially women. They focus on quick fixes and short-term results, without any respect for their complexion’s balance. Obviously, their skin will look fine in the first couple of days but then problems will come back worse. And it’s like an infinite loop of harming your skin thinking you’re treating it, and your skin reacting badly to all the chemicals you’ve exposed it to.

I blame it on all the acne products advertising. They tackle acne like a vicious enemy, something you have to destroy with the hardest weapons you can find. In reality, acne is no more than your skin’s reaction to something that is off balance, be it caused by hormones or something you used on your skin the week before or something you ate. Looking back at my own situation, every time I had an acne breakout as an adult, it was a sign of some imbalance inside.

FaceDoctor Medicated Soap is formulated to restore your complexion’s balance, not just get rid of acne or any other skin condition you have, through the soothing properties of the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil. I can’t imagine myself using any other skin product for the rest of my life.

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