How I dealt with adult acne after 40

As a teenager, everyone was jealous of my perfect skin. I didn’t have one pimple in sight and I had the evenest complexion people had ever seen. I thought I was extremely lucky and I loved the compliments and the attention. People asked me all the time what was my trick but there was none. I simply relied on genetics, I guess, and, well, a heavy dose of luck.

But here’s the problem with not doing anything for your skin to look nice and healthy: it won’t last forever. Supermodels, for example, age very well because they have strict rules when it comes to skin care and one of them is to eat as organically and pure as possible. Well, I was the exact opposite. I did whatever I liked and managed to walk around with glowing skin. And that was the problem.

Eventually, after turning 40, acne caught up with me and I experienced the most severe case of adult acne my doctor had ever seen. I felt like it happened overnight and I had no idea how to solve it or control it. According to him, it was a mix of hormonal imbalance with all the unhealthy habits I have kept over the years. I had completely forgotten that skin is an organ too, and here it was showing me how sick it felt without mercy.

Fortunately, the treatment he prescribed for me was easy, quick, affordable and, most importantly, all-natural. All it took was one month of using FaceDoctor complexion soap and I was able to restore my skin’s balance. I also learned my lesson and have changed my habits when it comes to keeping a healthy diet and using the right skin care products. Obviously, I don’t use any other than FaceDoctor now.

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