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Why Your Facial Soap Matters

Your skincare routine sets the basis for your overall appearance, and since there are different skin types, there is an overwhelming number of soaps to choose from. Skincare enthusiasts often try different combinations of cleaners, moisturizers, and soaps before deciding on an expensive combination that doesn’t give their skin the nourishment it needs.

Your needs may be even more complex if you struggle with acne, plaque psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or other skin conditions. Your soap may trigger flare ups if it’s not carefully formulated to soothe your skin.


What Should Facial Soap Contain?

Since your skin contains natural oils, it’s vital that your soap works with those oils instead of against them. However, your soap still needs to target oils and bacteria that cause clogged pores and irritation. If you struggle with chronic skin problems, a soap that’s too weak is almost as bad as a soap that’s too strong and dries out your skin.

Your soap needs to contain natural compounds that you can rely on to consistently treat your skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil is an excellent ingredient for facial soap because it purifies the skin without stripping it of its natural protection. It provides essential moisture that won’t clog pores or irritate underlying conditions.

Sea Buckthorn Oil also contains vitamins that your skin needs to thrive and resist the effects of aging. Many users report that their skin feels tighter and more elastic within a few weeks of using a Sea Buckthorn Oil soap daily.


FaceDoctor Soaps

A carefully-balanced soap provides the cleansing and hydration your face and body need even if you’re struggling with aggressive skin conditions. FaceDoctor Complexion Soap contains a blend of Sea Buckthorn Oil and other ingredients formulated to reduce redness and irritation.

We also make other soaps and moisturizers designed to be the perfect companion to our complexion soap, or you can use them on their own. Check out our full product line to discover a new world of gentle cleansing soaps that harness natural ingredients for a renewed appearance.




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