What’s the best beauty cream when you have adult acne and sensitive skin?

For years, I thought I would never find the right beauty cream that fit my skin needs. I had adult acne and sensitive skin, and that sounded like the most improbable combination of all. Even if I used a different cream on different areas of my face, it wouldn’t work. In fact, sometimes it made things worse.

When searching high and low in every cosmetic and health store in town for the best products for my complicated complexion without ever finding it, I switched to the Internet. It’s a bit daunting to order beauty creams online, especially if you’ve never heard of the brand before. I mean, how are you supposed to trust those reviews and all the wonders they write about the active ingredients?

But there was one little detail that caught my eye when I found FaceDoctor beauty cream – sea buckthorn oil. Now, I knew for a fact that this was the very best active ingredient in the market for people with sensitive skin like me. I also knew that the effects on other skin conditions were remarkable, especially in people suffering from psoriasis. If there was one thing we had in common, it was a hard-to-maintain complexion.

That day I took the plunge and ordered my first FaceDoctor beauty cream. Just one week after using it, I was ordering more cream and adding the rejuvenating soap to the mix. Until I started using it I had no idea that adult acne could be eliminated without leaving any scars behind. That’s how fast and great this cream worked! I am never using anything else again!

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