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Your anti-wrinkle cream isn’t working as advertised? You might be doing it wrong.

Now, what could possibly be the right way to use an anti-wrinkle cream? You clean your skin, you moisturize it, and you finish it off with your super-expensive anti-wrinkle cream. So why aren’t results showing the way they told you it would? Is there a wrong way and a right way to use an anti-wrinkle cream?

These were the questions I was asking myself one month ago when I decided to take on the fight against my wrinkles. I read all the beauty bloggers out there and followed these three steps religiously every morning: wash, moisturize, and treat. I even tried the same brands they so dearly endorsed, but I wasn’t even near the results they told me I would get.

Do you want to know what I was doing wrong (and you probably are too)? I was overcomplicating and, in the process, forcing my skin to react to an overload of products. There is no way that your skin has time to absorb all the needed nutrients so all those miracle products will only work on the surface.

Things changed the day I switched to using just soap. Not just any kind of soap. The FaceDoctor rejuvenating soap. The sea buckthorn oil is a natural ingredient that does wonders for your skin and is also the active ingredient in this soap.

The time I spent on my beauty routine was sliced in half and the results are through the roof! I say it’s a winner, don’t you?

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