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Teenage Acne

Facedoctor - Dermapro (75)

Going through puberty as a teenager can be frustrating. The body is going through so much physically and emotionally and it can take a toll.

One of the worst and most common things a teenager goes through during puberty is teenage acne. When the hormones are out of whack, it’s difficult to get things to calm down.

Finding the right teenage acne treatment can be a bit of a challenge since commercial companies are coming out with new products all the time. Most of these commercial products that you can get at the drugstore contain too many ingredients that are synthetically made and can cause more harm to a teenager’s face, making their acne worse.

That’s why the FaceDoctor Medicated Soap is more suitable as it is a natural acne soap with no synthetic ingredients. The sea buckthorn oil it contains may be more helpful at restoring the skin and repairing the scarring that acne can bring.

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