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When acne is a grown-up problem

If you think acne only affects teenagers think again. Those recurrent pimples you have on your chin, your chest and your back may be the sign of adult acne, a skin problem that has started to affect a large number of adults, including those who never experienced acne in their teenage years.

So, what is causing this rise in adult acne? Apart from hormonal imbalances and poor diet, factors that are well-known by skin care specialists, the obsession with looking younger might be driving more people to develop adult acne. The search for creams to fight the first signs of wrinkles and lines often leads people to buy the wrong products for their skins. They either have too many chemicals or are extremely thick and heavy, which clogs the pores and infects them, thus causing acne breakouts.

Changing your eating habits helps but it might not be enough for your skin to begin recovering. Doctors advise a thorough but not too harsh skin cleaning routine, with products that will work on the problem but also focus on prevention and, most importantly, that will respect the fragile balance of your complexion.

The reason why many of these people suffering from adult acne start using Facedoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap is because of the respecting the complexion factor. If your skin is already battling acne, the last thing you want is to add something to it that will potentially make it worse. The best way to prevent it is to use a product that’s well thought of, researched, and designed in a way to not be invasive. Not all complexion soaps will be able to do what Facedoctor does, and it’s the results and the testimonials of hundreds of satisfied customers that builds its reputation. You don’t have to rush out and buy an over-priced product of a famous brand to get results. You have to be smart about choosing the best product that will give you long-term results while keeping your skin healthy, and that’s Facedoctor.

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