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Sea Buckthorn Oil

I’ve Tried Geothermal Baths in Iceland and Onsens in Japan, but FaceDoctor Was What Really Helped Me

I never had much faith in the lotions I used for my eczema. They all felt and smelled like the same thing, only with a different name. and all of them, without exception, only...

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Acne Soap, Acne Treatment

Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap is a Fan Favorite Beauty Product

There is no question that store shelves and internet companies offer dozens and dozens of skin care products purported to be an elixir and remedy as a teenage acne treatment, adult acne treatment and...

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Acne Soap

Exhilarating and Cleansing

Face Doctor RX carries a full line of products that caters to problem skin while pampering the complexion. All of them are doctor-formulated and consumer-approved. Too, DermaPro and Face Doctor products are also completely,...

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Facedoctor Blog

Let Face Doctor Work for You

Face Doctor is a company with thirty years of clinical research to support the efficacy of their line of dermatological products that are treatments for skin rashes, teenage acne and adult acne among other...

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Facedoctor Blog

Here’s what our customers are saying!

We here at Face Doctor believe strongly in the positive effects our products can have on our customers and their lives. However, we really appreciate it when a Face Doctor product user takes the...

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Natural Skin Care Treatments, Skin Allergy, Skin Treatments, Treatments

Face Doctor Soap will Revive Your Skin

Face Doctor creates and markets a product aimed specifically at repairing problem skin. It is made from all organic extracts of plants that target acne scars, enlarged pores, premature aging and skin blotches among...

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Rosacea Treatments, Skin Allergy, Skin Care, Skin Treatments

Derma Pro Skin Care – Customer Review

Derma Pro offers a line of skin care products through Face Doctor. One of the most popular items is the powerful, effective and all-natural Derma Pro Trauma Gel for compromised skin. We believe it...

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Acne, Acne Soap, Skin Care, Skin Treatments

A Miracle Product at a Bargain!

There is simply nothing more irritating and discouraging than epidermis problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. While there are dozens and dozens of products that claim to be an elixir, there is...

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Hair Care, Natural Acne Remedy, Skin Care, Skin Treatments, Treatments

Skin Care Products as Holiday Gifts

We all have family members with sensitive skins who would just love a big basket of expensive skin care products, which will last them the next few months. But with all those products hitting...

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