Sea Buckthorn Oil

The Human Dermodex Parasite

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The Human Dermodex parasite, also known as dermodex mites and the Eyelash Creature (because it is mostly found in the eyelashes), is said to be the unfortunate cause of lots of skin problems such as rosacea, eczema, acne, premature skin aging, and psoriasis. It’s found mostly in the hair and face of older children and adults, rarely on children under the age of five.


Sea buckthorn oil is a natural ingredient that is known to speed up the process of healing and to repair damage and scarring that has been caused by the human dermodex parasite. Products like the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap, Medicated Soap, and Beauty Cream contain these oils with other natural ingredients to help restore the skin.


Since the parasite is also found in the hair follicles, it can make the scalp itchy as well. That’s why the FaceDoctor Hair and Scalp Antibacterial Shampoo and Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner are worth a try as they also contain sea buckthorn oil.

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