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How I got rid of recurrent acne with a medicated soap

I don’t think I ever got rid of acne after I became an adult. It seemed like my pimples followed me from my teenage years right into adulthood. It wasn’t just ugly, it was embarrassing! And I couldn’t seem to find the right product to finally fix it.

I changed my diet, used harsh soaps to clean my skin two times a day, sometimes three, but things just got worse. My face was a disgrace even after the most effective of treatments according to advertising.

As an exclusive events planner, whose face is practically the whole brand, I couldn’t afford to lose clients over the skin condition crisis I was apparently going through. But none of my efforts were paying off. The two weeks I took off from work quickly turned into one month, when I just sat at home without any energy to do anything.

I know it must sound stupid to hear that a woman goes borderline depressive over a skin condition, but this was taking over my life, more than I’d like to admit.
Then I read something about FaceDoctor having an all-natural medicated soap especially prepared to treat skin conditions that no other product could, and I felt hopeful again. I was impressed by the testimonials of fast, effective results. But I was more impressed with the fact that this was a product that didn’t have any chemicals, and that respected my complexion above anything else.

It completely changed my life and my perception of all-natural skin care products, and all thanks to the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil. I was finally able to get my healthy skin back and acne never returned. I’m definitely not using harsh chemical products ever again.

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