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The Best Skin Care Products Don’t Have to be Expensive

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a friend into one of those Multi-Level Marketing schemes to sell you skin care products. Or maybe you’ve done it yourself? Going door to door, or trying to sell it to co-workers on their lunch break? Full disclosure, I have. I needed the extra cash and I used the products myself, so it seemed like a great gig. My best-selling point? That these products were as great as the branded ones but less expensive.

Well, they were not. They were cheaper, yes, but not as great. Not by a long shot. Granted, they didn’t give rashes or allergies to anyone, but they didn’t do anything for them either. Using any of those products or supermarket-bought handwash as a cleanser was basically the same thing. But we fall for it because we wanted the highest quality creams for the lowest price possible, and most people will tell you that that is a rip-off, that it’s not possible.

I jumped on that bandwagon too a few months back but today I know different. It is possible to buy high-quality skin care products for a fraction of the price you think it costs. And I’m talking about some of the best skin treatment products out there. The trick? None. You simply must find a natural skin treatment that will respect the balance of your complexion and work as a complement to it. Think of it like vitamins for your skin, a health booster, instead of a cream to just fix something.

The day I started using FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap, I knew I was in the presence of something completely different, a breakthrough product. I didn’t feel a forced reaction from my skin like it wouldn’t be too dry or too oily the way it used to when I used other similar products. I felt it blended right in, perfectly. And the best part? It was ridiculously affordable.

Since then, I haven’t used any other products and I’ve never looked back.

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