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Why I only use FaceDoctor beauty cream

Don’t believe everything people tell you about branded beauty creams, they aren’t always as great as they advertise it. I used to be one of those clients, who would never trust something that wasn’t branded, or highly recommended by a celebrity, or both. And then one day, one of those branded, highly recommended face creams gave me a rash. Apparently, my face was overreacting to the years and years of chemicals I had exposed it to. I felt desperate. What was I supposed to use for a beauty cream now? Could I ever trust another product again? Well, I certainly wouldn’t trust any other branded product, that was certain.

I had to wait almost two months until my rash completely cleared before I could start testing other products. But I was terrified that whatever I put on would cause my face to breakout again. My best option, according to countless forums and websites, was to go for an all-natural product. But I had many questions regarding effectiveness. I always thought the all-natural products were less effective because their ingredients would take longer to act when compared with chemical-based ones.

My thorough research led me to FaceDoctor Beauty Cream and I decided to risk it. Surely a cream that is so widely used by people with serious skin conditions like rosacea and eczema would be the perfect one for me.

The first sign that I was on the right track came a few seconds after I used it. This might sound crazy, but I actually felt it blended in with my skin flawlessly. Instead of feeling like I had a film of cream over my face, it was if FaceDoctor was part of it.
I immediately stopped using any other products and I will definitely never go back to the chemical-based ones ever again.

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