Medicated soaps are safer than you think if you’re using the right one

For people with highly sensitive skin like us, finding the right medicated soap can take a while and a lot of trial and error. For me, FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap is the “goldilocks of medicated soaps”, as I like to call it. It’s not too harsh, it’s not too mild, and I can safely use it once a day, every day, without worrying that my skin will breakout.

But before getting here, I had used plenty of different medicated soaps before, all with varied results (not all satisfactory as you can imagine). Well, actually I didn’t really use soaps since everyone told me soaps would usually dry your skin, so I used cleansing gels or cleansing lotions. But what was the problem with these products? The residue. Although they were formulated for highly sensitive skin and had most of the right active ingredients, I never felt that my skin was thoroughly cleansed after using it.

I think the first thing that drew me to FaceSurgeon was the active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil, not so much the 30 years of clinical research (although it helps to know they have the hard data to back up their product).

I not only find FaceSurgeon to be safe to use, but I also find it extremely comfortable, for a soap that is. But not so comfortable that the active ingredients don’t do their work, on the contrary. I can’t honestly remember a time when using a medicated soap felt this great on my skin. Even if I forget to put on the FaceDoctor beauty cream afterward, which I shouldn’t but I sometimes skip, my complexion is perfect through the whole day.

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