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The Zit that Wouldn’t Quit (Until FaceDoctor Came Along)

I was under the impression that the recurrent zit on my chin had been with me since my first day of puberty. I didn’t really give it much thought for years until I started to notice that every time it came back, it was bigger. My wife said I was exaggerating and she could see no difference. Maybe I had shaved too hard over it so it looked a bit more infected or something.

I decided to go with her opinion, maybe she was right and I was imagining it. But then people at work started to notice it, something they had never done before. I mean, it was just a zit, but what if it growing like that meant something was wrong with me? Could it be cancer? I panicked and scheduled an emergency appointment with a dermatologist. Even my wife was beginning to worry now. The zit wasn’t covering half my face, true, but it was redder, more swollen and it was hurting a lot.

That day at the doctor’s office I held my breath while he examined me. He was so silent and so thorough that I just felt like he had found something awful and was thinking of the best way to tell me. I held my wife’s hand so tightly I thought I was going to break it. Then he sighed and said: “well, it’s just a zit. A zit that won’t quit, but just a zit”. My wife and I burst out laughing, partly out of relief.

A hideous pimple was a result of poor hygiene on my side (I’m the dude who used to think that splashing water on your face is enough to clean it thoroughly) and my skin’s propensity to produce more oil than needed. A natural acne soap to be used every day would be enough to control it. I had always used supermarket-bought stuff so I knew nothing about the best natural acne treatment for this. He recommended FaceDoctor and I remembered thinking the name sounded fake. Well, as it turned out it was an award-winning effective skin treatment for acne problem.

The zit has been gone for three months now, with no signs of returning.

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