Safe, Effective and Natural Teen Acne Treatment

Teenage acne is a head ache for all young boys and girls. Almost 100% of teens will get at least one small bout of acne during adolescence. When teenagers are in the puberty period, their sebum glands produce more oil and there is also hormonal changes happening in the body. This normally led to more acne break outs. Acne can burn up for some teenagers more than others because ultimately everybody’s, body is different.

What causes teen acne?

At the beginning of puberty the body produces hormones called androgens. These hormones, besides causing moodiness, sensitivities, new hair growth and body growth spurts, stimulate various glands throughout the body. The sebaceous gland, which is responsible for producing sebum start to over produce the oil. The excess oil it produces comes up through the skin’s pores and secretes onto the skin. On the surface of the skin the oil gets mixed with dead skin cells and other debris and it can start to clog pores and follicles. This leads to the presence of bacteria in the pores results in raised pimples and cause inflammation.

Effective Natural Teen Acne Treatment:

The search for safe, effective and natural teen acne treatment is ongoing for the past years. Acne will no doubt improve as the child gets older but main aim is to control the current situation. Try to use mild soaps for the skin. Try to wash the hair every day with a mild shampoo and wash your face daily twice at least with a good cleanser.

Research shows that tea tree oil is a good acne treatment. It kills the bacteria on the surface of the skin. Black seed currant oil is said to limit free radicals effectively protecting your body from irritants. Taking Echinacea and neem, will help to improve overall body balance, and thus contribute to a cure for acne problems. Acne breakouts can be controlled by Olive leaf tea and olive leaf. Appearance of scars can be reduced using Aloe Vera.

Natural Teen Acne treatment includes the 3 main processes

  1. Open the pores and clear out the grime, dirt and bacteria using natural facials and skin washes.
  2. Intake of natural medicines to fight against bacteria
  3. Application of herbal creams to avoid acne in future.

This treatment improves the condition of your skin from inside as well as outside.

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