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FaceDoctor Ingredient Spotlight: Sea Buckthorn

FaceDoctor produces Clear 60 and FaceDoctor RX, two types of natural skincare treatment that help relieve your acne, psoriasis, and any other dermatological problems.

One of the essential ingredients of the FaceDoctor RX range is sea buckthorn oil. This is a naturally occurring substance that you extract from the fruit of the deciduous sea buckthorn shrub. This oil has numerous benefits for your skin and is a major contributing factor to FaceDoctor’s skincare products’ effectiveness.

Here, you’ll find out how sea buckthorn oil can help your skin to look the best it’s ever looked.


Contains Multiple Nourishing Nutrients & Vitamins

Sea buckthorn oil contains just under 200 useful vitamins and nutrients, including a substantial amount of vitamin C. This vitamin helps your body form collagen, a protein that supports and holds together your skin and connective tissues. Vitamin C also fuels your body’s iron absorption, and so is crucial in helping you maintain suitable levels of red blood cells in your vessels.

FaceDoctor’s Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner uses sea buckthorn oil to help prevent inflammation on your skin, so there’s plenty of anti-inflammatory vitamin E in the formula.


Contains Effective Antioxidants

Besides vitamin E, sea buckthorn oil also contains many phytonutrients, which act as antioxidants. These antioxidants fight free radicals to help to alleviate inflammation and rashes on your skin.

The FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap works to relieve inflammatory and irritating skin conditions. The sea buckthorn oil destroys the harmful Human Demodex parasite, a type of mite that lives on your skin and can cause rosacea and pimples.


Includes Crucial Fatty Acids

Sea buckthorn oil also contains many essential fatty acids, including Omega 7 acids. These unsaturated fatty acids work to lower your potentially harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. They also act as natural moisturizers for the skin, keeping the surface hydrated and malleable.

FaceDoctor Beauty Cream uses this oil as the active ingredient, helping you maintain a glowing, youthful look.


The Takeaway

Although sea buckthorn oil is the main ingredient in the FaceDoctor RX range of skincare products, FaceDoctor also uses it in its Clear 60 line as a useful supplementary ingredient.

FaceDoctor products utilize the benefits of this oil to help keep your skin looking healthy.





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