Natural Treatments for the Chronic Skin Disorder Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease commonly seen in women of ages between the 30 and 60. Nearly 14 million people in North America suffer from this pain full skin disease. It starts as an increased blush on the face, going to constant redness on the nose, chin and forehead. Ultimately, bumps and pimples frequently develop, and in severe cases the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue. This condition is called rhinophyma. It may also cause burning or gritty sensation in your eyes and in rare cases Rosacea is found on arms and legs.

Rosacea symptoms and signs:

  • Frequent blushing or flushing is sometimes the first sign of this disease.
  • Persistent Redness is the most common rosacea symptom.
  • Bumps and Pimples either small and solid or pus-filled.
  • Visible Blood Vessels due to enlarged blood vessels.
  • Eye Irritation.
  • Dry Appearance.


The exact reason of this skin disease is unknown and unproven. The basic factor behind this is the dilation of the small blood vessels of the face. Rosacea is mostly found in fair-skinned families and occurs in people who blush easily. Excessive tissue growth can also be a factor for this disease. We still have no proof that rosacea can be spread by contact with the skin, sharing towels, or through inhalation.

Natural Treatments for Rosacea

Research performed over the last several years has developed new methods for controlling rosacea, the painful skin disease. There is a large quantity of topical creams and procedures marketed today which declare to be effective at managing facial flushing and redness. The best option or the treatment will depend on how your skin looks. There are many natural remedies for this skin disease. Some of Natural rocacea treatments are listed below:

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis):

The use of green tea cream helped the rosacea patients from inherent sun sensitivity, which is a cause for this disease. The photo protective properties of green tea may lessen reactivity to ultraviolet light and also reduce the disruption of the skin barrier. Using the green tea cream had a significant reduction in the number of red bumps and pustules.

Licorice (Glycyrrhizin):

Another topical treatment used for rosacea is the herb licorice. The study state that continues use decreased the scores for erythema, edema, and itching over the 2-week treatment period.


The terpenoids and flavonoids included in Chamomile will help in anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of the skin. Chamomile is used in a large number of cosmetic products as soothing compresses.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar is commonly used in home as a remedy for rosacea. This is one of the best natural rosacea treatments. It stimulates the discharge of digestive enzymes and helps in normalizing the bacterial balance in the intestines. Apple cider vinegar is available in liquid and tablet form.

Azelaic Acid Cream:

Azelaic is a derivative of wheat, rye and barley. It showed improvement in the symptoms of dryness, burning, telangiectasia and itching. Azelaic acid cream also slows the growth of skin bacteria and appears to be effective at reducing skin redness and papules and pustules associated with rosacea.

Other Natural Treatments for Rosacea

  • Aloe
  • Burdock
  • Betaine hydrochloride
  • Red clover
  • Rose hips
  • Selenium
  • B vitamins
  • Zinc

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