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Skin is the first thing that attracts the attention of others. But our skin daily faces many dust and pollutants from the environment. Thus it becomes host to various infections which results in skin diseases ranging from skin cancer to common acne, psoriasis etc. So what can we do to prevent these diseases? We must have heard the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. So the best way to avoid these diseases is by employing certain precautionary measures. By this we can minimize the chance of having skin diseases and spreading it to others.

1. Wash our hands regularly: One of the best ways to avoid skin diseases is by washing our hands regularly. Our hand daily comes into contact with many contaminated things which may contain harmful viruses and bacteria. This will eventually find the way to the skin. By regular wash we can drain off these creatures and protect our skin.

2. Avoid over exposure to sunlight: Sun’s rays are very harmful to our skin. The UV rays may increase the chance of having a skin cancer or makes the skin susceptible to various skin diseases. So it is better to avoid going outside, especially during peak time. Moreover apply a good sunscreen lotion regularly whenever you go outside.

3. Good diet: Try to have a healthy diet enriched with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain etc. This helps in providing essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins to the body. This helps in boosting the body’s immune system and thus protects the skin from all threats.

4. Drink lots of water daily: It is essential to drink at least 9 glass of water daily. This provides a healthy and glowing skin.

5. Don’t share things with other: Don’t use towels, brushes or pillows used by a skin patient. This promotes the transfer of numerous viruses and bacteria to our body.

6. Avoid over makeup: Avoid applying makeup regularly. Daily application may make your skin a breeding centre for bacteria and viruses. Also don’t forget to remove your makeup with a good cleansing lotion before going to bed.

7. Follow a healthy lifestyle: Avoid overconsumption of tea, coffee, alcohol etc. This will make your skin dry and also may cause pigmentation.

8. Don’t treat your pimples with your hands: Pimples are small pus filled pores on the skin. Don’t try to prick it with your hand. This may make the pores wide open and pave the way for infections. This will result in scars, blemishes etc.

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