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FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap

Finding the perfect face cleanser doesn’t have to require hours of research. Although every person’s skin is different, there are some universal truths about skincare that influence how your skin reacts to different products.

FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap was designed to address a variety of skincare issues using trusted natural ingredients. Instead of stripping your skin of the oils it needs to thrive, it gently cleans and nourishes.

It’s even more powerful than our original FaceDoctor soap, yet it won’t leave your skin feeling parched and dry. Here’s what you need to know about Face Surgeon’s benefits.


Natural, Safe Ingredients

Cultures around the world have learned how to use natural ingredients for skincare and medical purposes long before science understood how they worked. Now that we have robust research to back up some of these ingredients, we’ve used them in FaceSurgeon and other skincare products.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is a little-known natural plant extract full of vitamins that help soothe your skin. FaceSurgeon makes use of this oil while avoiding parabens, propylene glycol, and even common allergens like gluten and soy.


Powerful Cleansing

Your skin has many beneficial oils, but our face pores tend to clog up with bad oils that can cause acne. Even if you make an effort not to touch your face, you’ll still build up dirt and oil over the course of each day. It’s especially hard in the summer when sweat and oil build up even faster.

FaceSurgeon uses powerful yet gentle ingredients to get dirt and clogging oils out of pores. It does this without completely stripping the skin of moisture, which would cause the skin to overreact and overproduce new oils.


Healthy Skin for Everyone

Even if you struggle with acne or rosacea, you can use FaceSurgeon to help your skin recover. This powerful yet balanced soap can make a huge difference in your skin’s ability to heal and stay healthy every day. Try FaceSurgeon on your face and body and notice the difference any time of year.





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