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PSORIASIS & It’s Related Facts

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that causes thick itchy red patches on the skin. In this the cell turnover takes place too fast which results in piling up of the skin cells on the surface. Ultimately this results in shedding of the skin. It occurs when the skin cells are mistaken by immune system as pathogens. This may result in swelling and speedy growth of skin cells. It can affect face, palms, elbows, lower back, knees, scalp and sometimes legs. In some extreme cases they are seen on finger nails, toe nails and in external reproductive organs. It is commonly seen in adults in both men and women. In many cases hereditary also plays an important role in spreading this disease.

Several treatment methods are available for this disease today. However, it is better to opt a natural treatment for psoriasis. This includes medications and therapies such as Herbal treatment, sunlight therapy, vitamins etc. The main advantage of natural treatment is that it is free from side effects since it does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Also it is effective on every skin tones. Also, a person suffering from psoriasis should follow a healthy food and life style.

It has proven that sunlight is effective against psoriasis. This therapy helps in degenerating psoriasis. So a person suffering from psoriasis must try to get maximum sun exposure. Water is also a natural therapy that helps in softening the scars of psoriasis. Vitamins especially vitamin D can be used as supplements. This should be done only after consulting with a doctor because there is a risk for adverse reaction in some people. Herbs are very effective against psoriasis. It is proven that the extracts of aloe, milk thistle and coleus are effective against psoriasis. The extract of aloe is a good healing agent. Coleus helps in controlling the cell division. Milk thistle extract helps in regulating the immune system. Tea tree oil, capsaicin and evening primrose oil are all of use due to their moisturizing properties. Regular application of these oils helps in faster recovery from psoriasis. Ensure that the diet is nutrition enriched. Make sure your diet consist of fish, raw seeds and nuts. Try to avoid foods that cause allergy. Also avoid excess consumption of alcohol and soft drinks. Also a proper counselling is necessary to psoriasis patients to avoid their discomfort in facing the society due to the fear of elimination.

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