Beauty Boosts for Skin After Menopause
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Beauty Boosts for Skin After Menopause

Menopause is a time of serious changes for women. Even women who have been healthy and fit their whole lives may begin to notice changes to their energy levels and ability to sleep soundly.

Even your skin may begin to change after menopause. Fortunately, you can maintain your skin by being more careful about your daily habits and skincare products.


Drink More Water

Menopause causes your body to produce less collagen, which is an essential part of your skin’s ability to stay wrinkle-free. This, combined with other hormonal changes, means that your body will start to show wrinkles more easily unless it is properly hydrated.

Drinking water is crucial to helping your skin stay healthy, especially after it’s gone through so many changes.


Avoid Harsh Soaps

The hormonal changes in your body usually result in your face creating less oil than before. This means that the soap or cleanser that worked for you previously may now dry out your skin, further exacerbating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Washing your face with a soap that contains Sea Buckthorn Oil can help you get clean without stressing out your delicate facial skin. FaceDoctor Soap has a blend of Sea Buckthorn Oil and other natural ingredients to cleanse and gently rehydrate your skin. By rehydrating with natural oils, your skin won’t overreact and produce unhealthy oils that can make your skin shiny and even cause post-menopausal acne.


Use a Beauty Cream

The key to reducing fine lines and wrinkles is to use a beauty cream that targets them. FaceDoctor Beauty Cream is designed to pack in the fatty acids after you’ve showered. It also contains ingredients that restore your skin’s ability to synthesize collagen. By using FaceDoctor products, you’ll invest in skin that retains a youthful appearance long after the changes of menopause.







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