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Aloe Vera – Natural Blessing for skin care

Aloe vera is a natural source of skin care. It is a species of luscious plant mainly seen in north of Africa & India. Aloe vera, medicinal herb now widely used in world for cosmetics, healing wounds, dietary supplement etc. It’s a natural balancer suitable for all skin types.  Various studies proven the benefits of Aloe vera are abundant. It’s effective in treating a variety of skin evils, hair and scalp problems, healthy & whitens teeth, beautiful eyelashes & eye care and more.

Aloe vera pulp/gel is the clear, thick substance inside the leaf. The aloe oil is preparing by extracting the aloe vera plant oil soluble portions with small amount of vegetable oil. Aloe vera gel/juice is used commonly in cosmetics, made from nutritious inner gel. The fleshy inner gel of aloe is best for skin and other purposes. The gel inside it is used to heal the dry skin, wounds and cuts to eczema. It helps in improving the lesions.  Use aloe vera to stay beautiful and fresh.

Nourish your skin with 19 amino acids, vitamins B, C & E, minerals- calcium, iron, zinc etc, that contain in this magical plant. It’s awfully nutrient rich and reduces pigmentation dark spots, sun burns etc. It enhances the combat of Fibroblasts, special cells found in the skin that creates collagen and elastin. It helps us to look more supple and youthful. It doesn’t give a greasy feel while applying.

Most products that shown organic and natural in the label are not like that every time. So go for natural source for your beauty.

The pros of Aloe vera are:

Even the people with sensitive skin use aloe vera to maintain their natural skin.

  1. Aloe vera a best facial Cleanser: Gets your face gently clean but not taunt -removes dirt and impurities from surface of skin. If it mixes with honey then it would be a more beneficial cleanser.
  2. Aloe vera is a good moisturizer: moisturise skin deep down to all inner layers. Used as an aftershave, because it have wound healing properties.
  3. Aloe vera as a scrub: Apply aloe vera, sugar/ salt & lemon juice / honey on damp patched skin. It peels out the dead cells and opens the pores to breathe freshly and transport healthy nutrient to the skin. Make the fine lines and wrinkles vanish forever. It may even help the skin from pimples in not peeping back.
  4. Aloe as Toner:  After soaking the cotton in aloe gel, apply it on the face; eliminate the excess dirt, oil, make ups.
  5. Aloe helpful for treating acne – has anti- inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammations. It minimises scars, blemishes and stretch marks also. Best remedy to fight against skin aging and sagging. Keep our skin well hydrated. It hydrates cracked damaged skin too. Gently exfoliate the skin. Now in markets the Aloe vera drink for healthy body and for skin care is avail. The other benefits of Aloe are best anti dandruff and conditioner for hair, for polished nails, brighter smile, weight loss property etc.

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