Dear FaceDoctor personnel:

I was really skeptical that anything could help me with my rosacea but after using the Rejuvenating Soap for 2 weeks and the medicated soap in conjunction with it for 1 week, I have noticed a substantial reduction in the amount of redness associated with my rosacea. I am truly amazed!

Joyce, Wichita, Kansas USA

Dear FaceDoctor,

I have been using FaceSurgeon 11 Soap for about 3 weeks. It’s wonderful. I used it because I suffer from blepharitis which is caused by mites and related to rosacea. When I saw that your soap controlled mites through buckthorn oil, I decided to try your soap to see if it would help control my symptoms of blepharitis (swollen eyelids, dry eyes, constant feeling of itchiness). It worked!

Richard Smith, US

This is the most miraculous product on the market!! I was just about to have V-beam lazer performed on my face to get rid of the reddness when I read about your product. I had it shipped overnight to try it before I spent $500 on the lazer treament….in just 2 days I am seeing incredible results!! You have not only saved me $500.00 but you have given me “hope” after years of suffering. I live in Mexico (I am presently in Los Angeles) and have a store there. Do you have distributors in Mexico? If not, I would be very interested in setting up distribution in Latin America….everyone should be using this product with or without a reddness problem. It is truly the most beautiful feeling soap on the market! Thank you for any info about distribution in Mexico/Latin America, but most of all thank you for this miraculous product!!! Warm Regards!!

Isabella Quintana, Mexico

Your FaceDoctor soap is truly miraculous. I have the most sensitive skin and your soap has made a huge difference.

BJ Nendze, Edmonton Alberta

This is a wonderful product!

T LaRosa, Pine Bush, NY

This product is incredible. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Dr. L.L. Gardner, PhD

I am a fifty year old woman that has been plagued with acne since I was twelve years old. Most of my life I have been depressed beyond being consoled at times because I have spent a fortune on doctors and potions and medications. None of them worked. I came across an advertisement only six days ago…..I had never heard of this product or have seen an advertisement up until this time. Since I have tried everything on the market and then some…..and at present have had a devastating outbreak…I had nothing to loose by trying one more thing. I could kiss the people that developed this soap. For one thing…I have never been able to talerate soap on my face. This soap is fantastic feeling on the skin and afterwards. It is not drying in the least.

And I have the world’s most sensitive skin. There was a marked improvement over night with the very first use of the soap… day three the open lesions had approximately 50% healed. Today is the sixth day and I am jumping for joy I am so excited and ecstatic. This IS literally a miracle product. What were open lesions that have not healed for almost two months straight ( this time)….my face is glowing pink and the lesions and spots are 95% gone…in only six days! ( Kind of reminds you of the work of “God” in six days!!!) Why couldn’t I have found this product years ago……my life would have been totally different. However, I am more than grateful for finding it now. For those responsible for developing this product….I will never be able to thank you enough. If anyone is at their wits end with a never ending cycle of acne……….you simply must try this soap….the miracle will happen before your very eyes as you get up and look in the mirror each morning. I am so grateful….thank you. C.M. in Washington.

C.M, Washington

Since I started using the Facedoctor soap it has greatly helped me with my rosacea problem. My face is clearer and smoother and looks great! I intend to keep purchasing this product. Thanks!

Norma S, North Aurora, IL

Hello, My name is Deanna and I have been using your Rejuvenating Soap for a little over a week for my rosacea. I cannot believe how quickly this stuff works! I was looking online a couple of weeks ago for rosacea treatments, as I have had this condition for at least five years, though it has never been diagnosed. It has steadily gotten worse in the past couple of years. I thought it was just coming from stress and I never sought treatment for it. But lately it has become downright embarrassing. I was having to reapply my makeup several times throughout the day to cover the redness on my nose, cheeks and chin … so I was spending more in makeup too! Just from reading the research news section of your website, I knew that rosacea was my problem. I had never heard anything about the cause of rosacea … and I must say I was quite disgusted! I couldn’t order your soap fast enough! All I could think about were these little creatures living on my face! Ididn’t know I could have gotten a free bar for asking (any chance I could get that now that I have already tried it?) and I have been using it twice a day ever since. The first thing that impressed me was the wonderful fresh smell!

I started using the soap on a Saturday night and the very next next morning, I noticed that all of the scaly patches on my face were completely gone already! As I have continued to use it, the redness is fading a little more each day. I am thrilled with my results! I tell everyone about your soap, which is why I am writing. I would like to promote your product. Do you have an affiliate program or anything? More people have got to hear about this amazing product! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Regardless, thank you so much for this product! You have changed my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Deanna Barnes, US

Thank you for manufacturing and selling these products. It has worked wonders in healing the rosacea that has “bugged me” for about eight years now. I have just placed my third order.Thank you also for packaging and promoting these products simply, thereby keeping the cost down to about half the price of what I was using before (an MD Formulations product) and nearly a quarter the price of Metrogel.

Mary Selby, Chicago, IL

Several months ago I developed a patch of solar keratosis on my left cheek and my dermatologist performed cryosurgery to remove it. Unfortunately post surgery I was left with an ugly red patch with a dark spot in the center. Days later I purchased a bar of Facedoctor soap for my rosacea, and not only did it alleviate the problem of my red skin but low and behold my post surgery face blemish was also gone! My troubled embarrassing skin was cured after approximately 6 weeks, thanks Facedoctor.

Judy Sanor, Canton, OH

For several years during the summer, I would get a skin rash above my lip that didn’t want to heal. This year, it did not go away at the end of summer and actually seemed to be worse. After trying the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap in conjunction with the Face Doctor Beauty Cream, it has almost disappeared with less than 2 weeks of use! I am amazed by the results and pleased that I have avoided an inconvenient and expensive trip to a dermatologist. THANK YOU!

C.E, Florida

Everyone at one point or another has struggled with Acne, especially throughout there Teenage years. Doctors has struggled to come up with a product that could help acne disappear quick and not leave any marks on your skin. I have tried to use many differernt face products for my face throughout the years. I have gone from perscription medicine to even one of the biggest products that is put all over the Television “Proactive.” I have found that proactive is a product that works but not so quick but also there are so many things you must apply to your face that I found it takes up to much time. I came into contact with “Facedoctor” through a friend of mine who recomended me to try it and promised me that within 1 week I would notice how my face would clear up. Once I applied it thorugh that week I could honestly say that I was amazed how well this Soap had worked on my face, withing 1 week my face had all cleared up and any scars i had from razor burn or scars from the acne had disappeared.

FaceDoctor soap is amazing and simple, you don’t have to apply 5 differernt things. It so easy to put on and wash off. I can tell you first hand that this profuct properly used can change someones acne problem entirely. In a matter of a week you can notice just how much your skin feels more healthy and more clean and fresh. If anyone uses this medication on a daily basis i can promise you that you will never again have a struggle with Acne on your face. Your skin will improve and you will have healthy and clean skin. I have been a frequent user of this product and I have not been disappointed. I would honestly recommend it to any one who stuggles from acne problems, even for anyone that doesn’t it is a great product that keeps your skin feeling clean,clear and fresh all the time after usage. “Facedoctor is a an amazing product to use and I will continue to use it, and I recommend anyone else with acne to try it out because you will not be disappointed.

Steve G, Elliot Lake Ont

I have been using your soaps and cream since December and nothing else. My large pores have cleared and shrunk. My skin has lost its’ red blotchy look, YAY. Nothing helped like these products. I had damage from retin-a that I had used in my early 20′s. Now, at 39, my skin looks better than it has in years. I would like to suggest you create a seed oil from the sbt, that is not CO2 extracted and is organic. I would benefit from that more than I am from the cream. I do like the cream, but I would like a pure oil better.

Julie, Ont. Canada

I have been using the soap and face cream for about 7 or 8 months now. I have rosacea and, since I have been using the soap, I have been able to stop using prescription creams that I used to need. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve had no adverse reaction to this product. I am surprised, especially since the last batch of cream that I ordered has a very strong fragrance! I usually am allergic to any fragrance and I haven’t had a reaction to the cream, but it was definitely a change from the first container that I ordered. I liked it better with less fragrance, however. Most important, though, is the incredible change in my 10 year old daughter’s skin.

She had several areas of open sores on her face. A dermatologist had diagnosed her as having non-specific excema and possibly some impetigo. She was given a combination prescription with steroids in it. The prescription cream took away the sores but within a couple of weeks they came back. It was awful and I didn’t want my 10 year old to start having to constantly use a steroid cream. I decided to let her try my soap and cream and within days her skin was beautiful and clear. She has now been using it for several months and she has remained clear except for a sore that developed around her nostril. We realized that she was not washing that area carefully enough. After she made sure she was washing well around her nose, that sore cleared up and has not returned. The soap and cream really are tremendous.

  1. O’Rourke, Toronto Canada

I absolutely love this product. Besides making my skin feel soft and healthy, these products smell and taste good too. I have seen differences around my eyes. The skin is tighter and feels healthier too. With the differences I have seen and felt on my face, I have started to use it on my neck also. It is really making a difference in the texture of my skin. For years I have had an odd texture on my neck, much like my mother’s, that has tiny bumps. I am now seeing my neck become smooth and the tiny bumps are going away. These products have made a difference for me. I appreciate the opportunity to try it out. I don’t want to be without it. Thank you so much for introducing me to this product.

Jody Stromberg

I want to say thank you for giving me my face back. I am in my 30′s and I have always taken care of my face. About a year ago I thought I was getting adult acne…. I went to the best DR.’s all over California. I tried EVERTHING money could buy. I was so embarrassed, I did not want my family and friends to see me this way. Amazingly, I found the soap on the internet and within two days of use, I started to see my FACE, it is beautiful again. I can send you before and after if you would like. I have many photos from top dermatologist. Thank You!!

Dionne Merlino, CA / US

I discovered your products on Tuesday when looking for something for my hives and prednisone withdrawal rash and eczema. I was a mess. The man who owned the health food store recommended your products to me. I was skeptical as everyone offers instant results and a miracle. I have had eczema on and off for 47 years, had hives for a year once and this time it was a month. Then when I realized it was a silver product, I bought it as 20 years ago I used to drink colloidal water so I was familiar with the use of silver in medicine. The man in the health food store sprayed the mist on my arm covered with hives and instantly it stopped itching. This is Friday and all my eczema and complete body rash have gone away. All I am left with is the marks of the hives but I think you have something to reduce scars and I will definitely buy it. It’s almost too good to be true and I keep waiting for the eczema to come back. I had severe eczema on my hands only with greatly reduced my quality of life. I swear to never use cortisone or steroids again, I can’t believe the damage they have done to me. I will be using your products exclusively from now on. I recommended to my daughter who also has eczema and prednisone rash and to my other daughter for her son who has inherited my eczema as well but he gets it on his eyelids and inner thighs. Also recommended it to a woman at work whose daughter had eczema and she has tried everything. They all said they are going to try it for sure.

Carol Arsenault, Surrey, BC CA / US

Acne, a very common skin condition makes its appearance in most of our teenage years. Clinically known as Acne-Vulgarize and commonly known as pimples is in one word a menace for most people all around the world. As it first makes its appearance in the teenage years it affects the appearance and self image of teenagers. In desperation they try as much medications as possible which lead to other side effects in the later life.

T zone is the most common area for pimples to appear. T zone includes forehead, nose and the chin. After T zone the common area which is affected by acne is back followed by chest. By the people are in their 20′s their acne problems gets cleared up even without medications. In the case of some people this problem persists even in their adult years. As it affects the over all appearance and self image acne is a critical problem for many talented people in the world. At times due to this people couldn’t socialize well. This affects their chances to ride up in the ladder in their career and social circle.

The above written great testimonials by those who had good experience with our products are the best token for our service. We believe in keeping the good faith with our products rooted in nature for the welfare of humanity by curing their skin problems with ultimate caution and care and by making them choose the best products which are suitable for their particular problem.

Our Rosacea soaps and beauty creams are helping millions of people who are unable to choose the best one for their skin problem. Our acne treatment products do not require a prescription or usage dose. It could be used by all kind of people in curing their skin disorders cum getting a glow of radiance which other chemical products can’t really provide.

Skin Treatment Conclusion

Please check our products page if you are really interested in getting natural products which could really heal all your skin disorders. Thank you !

All testimonials are real, and come from a combination of Facedoctor and the manufacturer’s (Epic Cosmetics) customers.