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Is It Possible to Treat Eczema without Cortisone?

Every time I asked a doctor this question, the answer was normally a big fat no. As someone suffering from eczema, I had to deal with the fact that I was stuck to cortisone-based medicine for the rest of my life if I wanted the chance to lead a relatively normal existence.

I’m incredibly stubborn, and I was a skeptic about illnesses that had only one possible treatment. Call me paranoid, but I thought that was some sort of business arrangement between doctors and the pharmaceuticals responsible for the pills they so gladly prescribed. It wasn’t long until I started searching for a natural eczema treatment. That’s how sure I was that there was an effective natural skin treatment out there that would respect my complexion’s balance while helping it heal, organically.

Let me be blunt. This quest meant I had to endure a lot of trial and error phases, and a lot of eczema crisis that made my skin, literally, turn against me. Eventually in those days, when the itching was really bad, I had to go back to my cortisone-based creams. And then FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap came into the picture, and my life changed. Seriously. Almost like the romantic scene in a movie.

I was browsing around the local health store to see what was new, something I had found myself doing often in the last months when I locked eyes with this natural treatment for skin disorders. The formula was so simple that I thought I was being fooled. Surely nothing this simple could perform a miracle, right?

But it did. Within weeks my eczema was soothed, my skin felt balanced, and I didn’t feel like I was dependent on a bunch of chemicals to get it under control. Within. Weeks

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