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Never Go Online to Self-Diagnose a Skin Disorder

A few months ago, I started having these weird scaly, dry patches on my knees and elbows. I had never suffered from any skin condition, as far as I knew, so I dismissed it as not being important. I went online, compared my patches to a handful of photos, and proudly diagnosed my problem as a skin rash induced by the new body wash I had bought on sale.

Looking back, I can’t believe how stupid I was. How would a body wash make my skin flare up like that in such specific spots? Wouldn’t the rash spread throughout? But I was so confident of my research that I bought an over-the-counter lotion for rashes and went on with my life.

Within days, the patches got scalier and itchier, and it hurt like hell when I scratched. Was it time to see a doctor? Maybe. But I chose to have a chat with the girl at the local health store instead. Thanks to my poor knowledge of medical conditions, I was afraid to be scolded by my physician. So I would ask for her help, first, and then I would figure out my next steps.

She said “eczema” the minute she looked at my skin. She also told me the harsher skin products I used, the worse eczema got. It was the way of my skin reacting to all the attacks, and boy was I attacking it like crazy for days now. I told her I didn’t want to see a doctor yet and she led me to the FaceDoctor sea buckthorn oil soap. It would help me with the symptoms, and it would balance everything out, but I needed to make sure I would see a doctor once it got better.

Two weeks later, the eczema treatment was working great, and I scheduled a doctor’s appointment. Spoiler alert, it’s eczema, not a skin rash, and apparently, it had been there all my life. It simply hadn’t manifested yet. Now I have the most effective natural skin treatment on my side, so all is good.

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