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The incredibly conscious length of life-that is precisely what being a teen means. Clothing up in the top-notch way, or rather in the most classy and fashionable way, the subconscious mind constantly chanting “I should look far better than her” or perhaps “I ought to put in my best to charm her, and what not?!, attempting to be the most satisfactory person on the planet etc. All of these might happen in a teenager’s life both knowingly and unknowingly. But while trying to become more stunning or while putting in efforts to look the best as a teenager, a crack up of a pimple can cause great depressions in them.

Acne problems are extremely common among teenagers. Often, the problem of acne will annihilate totally while entering adulthood. Acne is caused due to the clogging of skin pores due to the large secretion of a type of oil. This type of oil is called sebum, which normally lubricates the skin and hair.

“Why am I the only one around with pimples and acnes?” might be an often asked question by teenagers. This is an inaccurate feeling among teenagers as there are many teenagers facing the same problem of acne. The only divergence being that many of them have reduced pimples or blackheads whereas others have them on skin in a huge amount which is due to the difference in skin types. Commonly a person with dry skin faces lesser acne troubles compared to a person with oily skin or combinational skin. Acne outbreak among teenagers is due to the hormonal modifications happening within their bodies as they enter adolescence. Menstruation and puberty is the major cause of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.


Tip 1:

Wash your face twice a day with warm water and a mild soap made for people with acne. Gently massage your face using circular movement. Do not over-wash or over-scrub your face. And then apply any kind of lotion containing benzoyl peroxide which helps in bringing down oil and bacteria.

Tip 2:

Do not prick your pimples. It’s tempting, pricking pimples can push infected material in depth into the skin, ultimately causing more enlargement and redness, and even scarring.

Tip 3:

Prevent pressing your face with your fingers. Touching your face can spread the bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated. To keep bacteria trapped, wash your hands before applying anything to your face, such as treatment creams or makeup.

Tip 4:

In no way keep your makeup on face overnight. While buying makeup, make sure to choose brands that say “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” on the label. Do not use old or expired makeup on your face.

Tip 5:

Keep hair clean and out of your face to prevent additional dirt and oil from clogging your pores.

Tip 6:

Safeguard your skin from the sun. A tan may intensify your acne, and also causes damage to skin that will eventually lead to wrinkles and boost your risk of skin cancer.
The above tips could help you in case you really care for your appearance!

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