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Acne is one of the common skin problems causing unsightly spots on the face, neck, chest and back. Though it is considered a teenage disease it can affect people at any age. Although it is a common disease, the reason for its appearance is still a big question. It may be due to some hereditary factors or may be due to some hormonal factors. Some acne will last for years which will eventually lead to scars.

Reason for acne

The skin consists of special glands that produce skin oil called sebum, which protects the skin from becoming too dry. If something goes wrong with the sebum production, that is, if the skin pores are clogged, then the sebum can’t flow easily. This blocking of sebum in the pores will result in black heads which will ultimately result in red spots. Also, the over production of sebum also results in the clogging of pores which may lead to acne scars. This over production of sebum is due to the sex hormones, testosterone and progesterone. These sex hormones are mainly produced during teenage years. That is why acne is commonly seen in teenagers. Also, it is common during menstruation and pregnancy, due to hormonal changes.

How to treat acne

There are many remedies available to deal with acne. But if you can keep the pores clear and control the sebum flow, then we can control black heads and the scarring. The simplest way to keep pores clear is to wash the skin regularly using good soap. Make sure to use some herbal products as abrasives. A good option is Face doctor’s, Mystique of the Orient Herbal Rejuvenating soap. It is specially developed to fight against the causes of unsightly skin such as acne and blotches. It gently cleanses your skin, leaving the skin with a smooth and healthy look. Also, sunlight is also found to be effective against acne. This is because the ultraviolet rays will promote skin shedding which will help in unblocking the ducts.

Steps to remember

Make sure not to treat acne with your hands. Some people may squeeze the pimples which may make the condition worse. It may cause infections and sometimes may result in scars. Also, applying facial cosmetics may promote acne. So be sure to clean your skin thoroughly before going to bed. If the acne is mild, we can keep it under control using these methods. But if the condition gets worse, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

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