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One of the commonly used words in skin care is exfoliation. So what is their need? Our skin cells renew themselves regularly. The dead skin cells will build up on our skin and clog the pores of the skin which, will eventually lead to various skin ailments. So it is necessary to remove the dead cells frequently, to pave the way for new cells. Here comes the need for exfoliation. It removes the dead skin cells from the surface and promotes a new younger, glowing skin. It also removes the excess oil in our face. However some people exfoliate only their face without giving any attention to other body parts which is absolutely wrong. It is necessary to exfoliate our skin from head to toe.

There are many ways by which we can exfoliate our skin. But it is necessary to cleanse your skin thoroughly before exfoliation. After cleaning we are ready for exfoliation. We can use any of the abrasives such as sugar, salt, cloth, almond shells etc. For our convenience there are many scrubs available in the market. But it is better to opt a natural product which ensures safety from side effects. One of the best options for exfoliating our facial skin is Face Doctor’s Clear Ultra Scrub. Made from natural ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, it gently exfoliates our skin and makes our skin look younger and radiant. It removes all our skin’s impurities and restores a refreshed, smooth skin. It also aids cell regeneration and also guards the skin from future damage. We can use pumice stone to exfoliate the feet. After exfoliation, we may feel certain irritation on the skin. Don’t panic. It will go away in time. Exfoliation often causes dryness to our skin. So it is necessary to moisturize our skin after exfoliation, otherwise dryness may lead to wrinkle formation. It is better to exfoliate twice a week. But the people with oily skin should exfoliate more than the normal skin people.

Exfoliation is necessary for both men and women. In the case of men it renders the hair follicles, allowing a better shave. Exfoliation allows the creams and other lotions to better penetrate the skin. It is better to exfoliate in the morning because skin regeneration usually takes place at night. Thus you can scrub away those dead skin cells in the morning. Also don’t over exfoliate because this may cause scratches on your skin.

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