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The other thing you need other than wrinkle cream

Have you ever walked into a beauty shop looking for a wrinkle cream and left with a bag full of overpriced products? Products that you probably wouldn’t use or even remember you had until the next spring cleaning. There’s a reason why that happens and, as a former beauty shop manager, I will tell you the secret behind it. Women looking for wrinkle creams are the easiest targets for these shops. They are vulnerable, they are looking for the perfect product that might shave off some years and lines from their foreheads, and we are told to use them as the target to achieve the month’s sales goals. Awful, isn’t it? This is part of the reason I no longer work in the business.

I’ll tell you exactly what all women need to control or even get rid of their wrinkles and it’s as simple as cleaning and maintaining a balanced complexion. How? Well, the first step is to invest time (not necessarily money) in finding a good complexion soap that respects the skin’s balance and prepares it for the next step, the cream. I always recommend the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap. It seriously takes years off your face!

This soap is backed up by thirty years of research and awards. And, this is my favorite part, not only does it work, but it’s incredibly affordable. When I do beauty consultations my clients are so happy to hear this, that they don’t have to invest a lot of money in something that would probably only work for a couple of months, and they would later be convinced to buy the next upgrade.

My new career is incredibly rewarding, especially because I get to help women find their confidence again.

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