The best way to treat rosacea is defense, not offense

As a football coach, I had to use a football-related metaphor to explain to you how I finally controlled my rosacea. For years, I struggled with keeping outbreaks at a minimum, with understanding what the triggers were and how to stay ahead of the game, all of this with some results. None of which were ever spectacular. Yes, rosacea would improve but it would never go away. And it always seemed like it came back stronger, every single time.
If I only knew then what I know now, my life would have been easier. Then again, I would probably not get so much credit for my foolproof plan to end rosacea as you are about to give me.
Just as you would do with your opponent in a football match, you have to understand how a skin condition like rosacea works, what causes it, and how can you prevent it. So instead of attacking it with all the skin care products you can find, you prepare it to deal with the outbreaks on its own. Just like any other organ, if you nurture it and treat it as it’s supposed to be treated, everything will fall into place. Well, almost everything. Sometimes you need a little outside help.
For me, the outside help came in the form of FaceDoctor beauty cream because it helps prevent the spread of and further infection by the Human Demodex parasite, the little bug that causes all the rosacea issues. The minute I found out there was a cream that could work on the root cause, I knew I was set for life.
I always use it together with the FaceDoctor medicated soap, for really great results. The first thing I noticed was that the rosacea patches were finally contained, they weren’t spreading from one treatment to the next like they used to. That’s how I knew this was working. I had proof right there in front of me, just by looking in the mirror.

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